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Andi appreciates all comments from her clients and always ensures they receive the best interior design service. The interior design reviews you provide about our service help us understand how you feel. Jane would be left wondering how can she improve her service.

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“Andi Henwood has been helping my husband and I in transforming our house into a home, and what a magnificent job Andi has done. We really love that she is so passionate about what she does and how she accomplishes everything with perfection. Andi is such a lovely, genuine person who is easy to relate to and delightful to work with, and we are so very happy to have worked with her. We love what she has done with our home”

Esther Cotter

I bought a warehouse apartment two years ago which was built late 1990’s

It was painted one colour inside – cream on cream, so I asked Andi to come and give me some advice on how to make hip and contemporary.
The place is two story tilt slap, walking up the stairs it has wing wall along the side of the stairs in the open plan lounge/ kitchen area , Andi said you should remove this wall and put frameless glass in its place , pull up the carpet and polish the floors, which I did and the room looks so much bigger and very modern.
Andi also picked a couple of very trendy wallpapers and went with a light grey for the walls it now feels like New York loft apartment. I absolutely love entertaining in the space now.
Andi has a fantastic eye when it comes to interiors she took my ideas and added bits to them I would never have thought of, but still keeping in mind my tastes.
I have no problems recommending her to anyone looking to turn there house into a smart looking HOME and I will definitely be using her awesome services on my next projects

Thank you.

Matthew Neville

“Our home needed a de-clutter! Andi does a great job of listening to various thoughts of what you would like and putting It into a beautiful final result. If she feels you are going astray, she suggests possible alternatives but always is guided by the notion that it is your home and project and wants you to be happy. Works well within budget and is sensitive to pricing concerns, while making sure good quality pieces are provided. Her service providers are professional and do wonderful work.

John & Kerry

Andi is an exceptional interior designer who is very passionate and knowledgeable about her work. We have known Andi for six years and having witnessed her skills in turning a very nice house into an absolute amazing home and outdoor space. We knew we needed her brilliant design and creative skills when we recently purchased our new house. Her projects included transforming room by room a house into a home. Andi proved to be amazing with all these projects which consisted of choosing new wall colours, carpets, artwork, furniture, and much more. Her eye for detail and perfection is unbelievable. We both feel Andi is the epitome of excellence in her field, she has an amazing talent. Andi certainly knows how to correlate and organise the most amazing and skillful trades people to deliver a most stunning top end result. We whole heartily recommended Andi to anyone who needs help in transforming a house into a stunning beautiful home, no matter how big or small their request. We look forward to working with Andi as we progress with our lives and future homes. Cannot imagine working with anyone else.

Carole & Chaz Muir

Andi provided wonderful services and I would most definitely use her again. She responded quickly to my request for services. She listened to what I wanted…I mean….really listened. She accommodated my schedule and brought fabric samples to my home. She helped me narrow down my search and assisted me in designing exactly what I wanted. The delivery and installation were timely and without any hassle. She is very professional and fun to work with.

Kerry James

Andi is professional, courteous and delivers a beautiful sense of design and high quality materials for a reasonable price. We needed someone to help us fit out our new house. We wanted to create beautiful spaces with a family-friendly atmosphere. She listened to our likes/dislikes and our vision for the rooms (sitting, dining, family and master bedroom). She brought together colors and textures that we never would have thought of using and made the rooms functional to our family. The entire process only took a few months and we are stunned with the results! Throughout the process, she put our wants and needs first (which was a refreshing change from our previous experience with interior designers). We loved her and her work so much we’ve asked her to help us with more rooms! Thanks again Andi


Every year Andi is blown away by the kind and thoughtful people she meets and works for. We appreciate all comments from clients and always ensures they receive the highest quality service in design possible.

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