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Home office redesign – Before and After and Testimonial.


My office had become ‘one of those rooms’.  The type where everything goes into hiding when visitors are coming!  With a busy corporate job and too many hobbies, my favourite room had quickly become overwhelming and no longer a pleasure to work in.
Andi knew exactly what I was meaning from the get go.  With an understanding of my career pressures and need to find a space that was mine in the house to create a sense of calm, we brainstormed ideas and colours.  Andi is very intuitive to people’s personalities and styles and very quickly had in mind the kind of space and atmosphere I was needing.
She is very thorough in her research and gently gives the right amount of encouragement to get an overdue project on the move.  Within no time, we had wallpapered, purchased the exact pieces of furniture and office storage systems.  Decluttering was an unexpected breeze, that she easily dealt with what would normally be quite a procrastination moment!
My home office is now complete and is the perfect representation of my corporate career and a space for creativity and downtime.  It’s both functional, and relaxing but also professional enough for business meetings without losing any femininity or my own personal style.
Andi was a pleasure to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend her or work with her again on any other projects.

Before and After