Home and Interior Design Inspired by; Red

 Interior Design Help for a Couple with a Dream

A home and interior design challenge

What was the client’s initial challenge?


Carole & Chaz moved during the uncertain time after the earthquakes. What they wanted was a new heart for their new home which had replaced a beloved family house for many years.

Interior design help from us was needed to help them bring together their bold personal styles, with functionality being a top concern.

Their home and interior design for their new house was a blank canvas and needed an expert to take the reins and realize their dream.

What did Andi identify as the main issues?

Home is where the heart is, and red is the symbol of the heart. The choice of a colour to tie each room together is a common choice, but it had extra meaning to Carol and Chaz. With two identities to integrate into one cohesive design style, Andi knew the perfect compromise would be a balanced theme, and finding the common elements between Carole and Chaz’s personal aesthetics.

A blank canvas to make into a home.

Bathroom renovations to home and interior design

Now was the problem solved?

Andi had complete creative control of the entire project – inside and out. She focused on gaining an in-depth understanding of the quirks and visions of both Carole & Chaz. As the project manager, Andi pulled in the best talent to bring her vision to life.

They needed a professional interior design help for an overhaul.

Their home and interior was taken apart and put back together by Andi’s expert hands, including repainting, carpeting and installation of various electronics.

“Andi certainly knows how to correlate and organize the most amazing and skilful tradespeople to deliver a most stunning top end result.”

Lounge entertainment system interior design help

The Result?

A house that became close to the heart, and brought the family together, gathered round the new lounge, watching TV and taking some time off.

“Andi is an exceptional interior designer who is very passionate and knowledgeable about her work. We have known Andi for six years and having witnessed her skills in turning a very nice house into an absolute amazing home and outdoor space.”

Specialty designed feature mirror.
Interior design advice and ideas used for master bedroom.

“We whole heartily recommended Andi to anyone who needs help in transforming a house into a stunning beautiful home, no matter how big or small their request. We look forward to working with Andi as we progress with our lives and future homes. Cannot imagine working with anyone else.”