101 Reasons to Buy a New York City Loft

Little Slice of Manhattan in Aotearoa – A Custom Interior Design Project

Interesting custom interior design for a retro funk chair.

What was the client’s initial challenge?


Matt had invested in the type of warehouse loft apartment everyone covets in New York, but the space wasn’t exactly living up to the dream.

Matt wanted his space and his interior design project cared for by us, and we were ready for a new challenge.



“I bought a warehouse apartment two years ago which was built late 1990’s

It was painted one colour inside – cream on cream, so I asked Andi to come and give me some advice on how to make hip and contemporary.”

What did I identify as the main issues?

A modern loft has to have all the right ingredients for a modern, yet comfortable industrial bachelor pad; wood, concrete, glass, metal, and the high ceilings would add contrast, making it light and airy.

The use of natural materials and finishes – think woods, brick walls, and cement needed to be used.

The loft was small, and the industrial bones made it feel cold and impersonal. Andi needed to create the illusion of space and warmth. Matt’s love for retro funk had to be pulled off without looking kitsch or crowded.

Adding sensational custom design furniture pieces to an urban loft is one thing that they have in common, use of contemporary, meet industrial-style furnishings with clean-cut lines. We mixed this with a touch of Matt’s style to make it personal.

We would highlight the beauty of a building’s raw framework.

How was the problem solved?

My team and I took to the very foundations, installing frameless glass and polished concrete floors to open the space up. Careful colour use brought a heartwarming feel into the open space.

Styled wallpaper helped pull the theme together, minimizing the number of objects needed for details in the large room.

The interior design project fell into place:

This space required some custom interior design fittings, which were all installed as Matt needed them by the team, including a large clock centrepiece to finish it off.

The Result?

An entertainer’s dream for parties and events, and Matt can enjoy a little showing off!

“Andi has a fantastic eye when it comes to interiors she took my ideas and added bits to them I would never have thought of, but still keeping in mind my tastes.”

This shows that a loft can be more than just cold and drafty, the open-plan home layout, with an emphasis on bringing tons of natural light in, with creative ways of using the space, can make it into a thrilling interior design project.

Custom interior brick with bold colorful bar stools
Custom fitted clock feature hanging.
Kitchen interior design project.
Kitchen installation for loft apartment.