A Beachfront Home Sparks Colorful Home Interior Design

An Alluring Interior Home Decoration Project

A new interior design challenge.

What was the client’s initial challenge?


It was a beautiful house that lacked anything personal and didn’t have a vision with its home interior design, so we started working with the lovely owners Esther and Allistar.


Bright interior home decoration ideas in the making.


The seaside home had bright hues to draw from its surroundings, and was begging for some new colours. The home didn’t need a lot of major work done on it, and I believed that some interior home decoration was needed with colourful furnishings.

We had an empty canvas to begin with and ended up being a delight to transform.

What did I identify as the main issues?

There was no plan at all for the house and it didn’t have any character, therefore it needed a home interior design theme throughout that was cohesive and it needed unique pieces of furniture.

They had lived there a year and hadn’t put anything in the house. The house needed to feel like the people living there had imparted their character and their lives on the property.

Esther and Allistar Master Bedroom 4 min
Esther and Allistar Hallway min

How was the problem solved?

Hampton’s style meets the french country home interior design.

We installed bright furniture with a modern beach-house Hampton’s look and used paintings to create warmth and then pulled it all together.

Esther and Allistar Stairway
Esther and Allistar Lounge and Patio
Esther and Allistar Dining Room
Esther and Allistar Side Table 2

The Result?


We together created a home from a house with our home interior design that reflects the owners bright personality’s

“Andi Henwood has been helping my husband and I in transforming our house into a home, and what a magnificent job Andi has done. We really love that she is so passionate about what she does and how she accomplishes everything with perfection. Andi is such a lovely, genuine person who is easy to relate to and delightful to work with, and we are so very happy to have worked with her. We love what she has done with our home”