Inspiring Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Talk to a Professional Interior Home Designer about your Kitchen and Bathroom Design

When thinking of kitchen or bathroom design (or redesign) there’s so much to consider. Is this your own home that you want to personalise, or is this an investment you intend to sell within ten years? With so many options from cabinets to sinks, light fixtures and countertops, it can be hard to keep focus on the important details and stick to your vision and budget.

Kitchens and bathrooms are functional spaces with specific purposes, rooms that you see and use every day. The way these important, functional rooms are designed and decorated can make a strong impression on visitors. And how nice is it to step into them yourself and feel good about where you live! Clean, beautiful kitchens and bathrooms will have flow, and feel healthy to be in.

A professional interior home designer can take your design ideas to the next level where you can really WOW your guests and create beautiful, energising environments for you and your family. You want a designer that’s affordable, smart, trendy, and professional. A great designer will reduce or eliminate project management stress by taking care of the details while representing your personal wishes.

Whether you’re looking to design for a new build or investment, or you’re planning to remodel the kitchen and bathroom in your family home, a great interior home designer can help you get there without wasting precious time and money. They will have the relevant experience and knowledge to manage your project, keep you on schedule and on budget, as well as give you personalised advice so you can make the best choices, and when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms that experience can really count!

Example of kitchen design by Andi from Smart Looking Homes showing close up of kitchen storage area

Here are 3 great reasons to talk to a professional interior home designer about your kitchen and bathroom design:

1. They will save you time

You won’t want to be without a functional kitchen or bathroom for longer than you need to be. Don’t let lack of experience or the pressure of project management delay a smooth build or remodel, leave it to an expert!

2. They will save you money

When it comes to these projects, time means money. Organising the tradies and dealing with small issues as they arise can eventually add up to a lot of unexpected extra cost. Having a professional on your side can also be a buffer against hasty emotional decisions that can later become regrets.

3. They will help make the best choices for the long term

Ultimately, an experienced interior home designer will know which products, appliances, and colours are trending and have the potential to become classics. Getting a professional in as early as possible to help make design decisions will result in kitchens and bathrooms that you’ll be proud to own!

That’s where I step in. My name is Andi from Smart Looking Homes and I want to help you create and decorate your dream kitchen or bathroom! I’ll create a personalised design plan that suits your tastes and style as well as work within your budget, using my experience to find you the best deals on quality products. From there I can expertly manage your project from start to finish – from buying the products to arranging the tradies – all so you can sit back and relax while I make it happen and manage any problems along the way.

When you’re ready to talk about your kitchen and bathroom design, or even if you’ve already started, get in touch to book a consultation!

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 Why Choose Smart Looking Homes?

Andi Henwood is the interior designer for you if you’re looking for someone with both professional experience and creative passion. No matter how big or small your budget, contact Andi for a personal design consultant who can take you from ideas to finished project.

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Andi is such a lovely, genuine person who is easy to relate to and delightful to work with, and we are so very happy to have worked with her.

Esther Cotter

Her projects included transforming room by room a house into a home. Andi proved to be amazing with all these projects which consisted of choosing new wall colours, carpets, artwork, furniture, and much more. Her eye for detail and perfection is unbelievable. We both feel Andi is the epitome of excellence in her field, she has an amazing talent.

Carole and Chaz Muir